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about aïcha's bellydance performances

What does a bellydance performance include and what is the length of the performance?

In her performances Aicha shows different bellydance styles: classical Egyptian style, veil dance, drum solo, etc... Aicha aims to make your party unforgettable with a tasteful and artistic dance show. A standard performance has either one act of 15 minutes or two acts of approximately 12 minutes with in between a break of maximum one hour. During the break there will be a change of costume. The costumes are beautiful hand-made, professional and very stylish. 

What does Aïcha need for a succesful performance?

- A dressing room

- At least 15 m² free dancing space. Please make sure that the floor is clean and safe to dance on bare footed. 

- A good music installation. If so wanted, Aïcha can bring her own professional music installation without extra charge. 

Who takes care of the music during the performance?

Aïcha will be accompanied by her partner who takes care of the presentation of the show and the music. 

Does Aïcha dance with the public?

It is true that most people prefer to just enjoy the dance without fear to be picked out of the public and have to 'perform'. Therefore, Aïcha only dances with the public on specific request of the host and only at the end of the show, to ensure the high quality of the peformance remains guaranteed.

Where does Aïcha perform? 

Aïcha is based in Kortrijk (West-Flanders - Belgium), but of course it is possible to travel. 

How can I make a booking?

Please contact Aïcha for practical arrangements and pricing: or 0479 462 431