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about aïcha's bellydance classes

Why should I take bellydance classes?

Bellydancing is FANTASTIC, it is at the same time physical exercise and relaxation. It’s good for the body and the spirit!

Bellydancing is good for the body

Bellydancing is an excellent physical exercise. You will learn to know your body better and to control its movements. It will improve your posture, your physical condition, your coordination and your breathing.

In bellydance you train the whole body, but you don’t experience this as a tiring workout. On the contrary! Bellydancing makes your body more powerful and agile in a friendly and pleasant way. It takes a lot of energy, but gives you back at least double!

Bellydancing is good for the spirit

Bellydancing will make you happy! It gives a lot of positive energy that makes you forget worries and stress. This joy of dancing will positively influence your everyday life.
Oriental dance is also a social dance art. Bellydancing together with other women is pleasant and inspiring. Everybody can discover the joy of bellydance, regardless age or body type. That’s how Oriental dance stimulates a positive self image. It’s a real ‘boost’ for your self-confidence. In Oriental dance women discover essential values that are often denied by the stressed Western society: femininity, sensuality and energy, it’s a source of happiness, power and inspiration.


Why do other people take bellydance classes?

Some students like the cultural aspect of Oriental dance, they are inspired by travelling or by the music. Others want to refine their dance techniques, or want to reach a better control over the body. Other students take classes just for fun, for the pleasant atmosphere or for the healthy physical exercise.


Is bellydancing difficult?

Nobody says that bellydancing is easy. Thanks to the professional coaching of Aïcha however any motivated woman can quite easily master the movements. It are all natural movements of the body that are taught step-by-step. Especially the isolation technique is something you can’t learn in one day. It means that you have to be able to move the different parts of the body separately. It doesn’t only require a lot of muscle control, also your brain has to get used to it. You can’t expect that this will work perfectly from the beginning. Therefore you have to give yourself some time to get used to it. Suddenly you will experience the bellydance fever. Once you have felt that... you will just love it!


How is a bellydance class composed?

Every class starts with a thorough warming-up.
After that, there is dance technique, isolation and coordination exercises and elegant dance combinations on typical music.
The class always ends with a relaxing cool down.

Aïcha’s creative and systematic methodology guarantees a pleasant atmosphere in the classes. Thanks to her clear ‘step-by-step approach’ students quickly grow in the art of Oriental dancing.


I'm afraid to look ridiculous

In the beginning you have to get used to the new movements. That’s why some women are afraid to look ridiculous. This fear however has the opposite effect of what we want to reach: confident women who enjoy the elegance and the power of their bodies. That’s why a good atmosphere is very important in the classes. That way, all students leave class with a happy feeling.


What is the target public of the belly dance classes?

The bellydance classes are for girls and women as from 14 years old. A lot of women feel uncertain and ask if they will fit in the group. Once they have taken part in the bellydance classes this uncertainty quickly disappears. The unique thing about bellydancing is that it attracts all women: everybody can experience the joy of Oriental dancing. The only conditions are a sense of rythm and interest in the discovery of a new cultural dance form.


Are spectators allowed in the lessons?

No. It is important that students feel at ease. That’s why spectators are never allowed in the classes. That way everybody can feel free to experiment with the new movements and fully enjoy the compelling music.


What kind of clothing should I wear in a bellydance class?

Easy and loose clothing. Preferably a long, wide skirt (or jogging pants) and a top. The belly doesn’t necessarily need to be visible. Normally we dance on bare feet, but you can also wear light dancing shoes (no sport shoes).


Do I have to be in good shape to bellydance?

Of course it’s easier if you are in good shape, but this is not really required at the beginning of the classes. Bellydance is an intensive, but at the same time soft physical exercise. You can decide yourself how much energy you use. Everybody works on her own pace and according to her own possibilities.


Is bellydancing 'risky'?

Bellydance movements are based on natural movements of the body. Therefore, Oriental dance is a relatively safe physical exercise, on the condition that you have a good warm-up and you understand the importance of healthy posture. Every dancer should determine the goals she can and wants to reach. You should never force the body and only work on your own pace. Always feel free not to do the exercises you don’t feel comfortable with. In a good bellydance class there should never be competition: you don’t need to be better than somebody else, just try to become better than yourself.


What is the minimum and maximum age for bellydancing?

You can bellydance at any age. Aicha’s regular classes are open to 14 year olds and older (no maximum age).